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“They were all filled with the Holy Spirit!” (Acts 2,4)


We have had the great privilege to have with us:
– Cardinal Peter Turkson (Vatican) who gave a very inspirational talk about our calling to “go out”,
– Sr. Miriam Duggan (Ireland) and Fr. Ernst Sievers (Germany) who both have been pioneers in the CCR in Uganda and very influential in it’s growth during the last decades
– Fr. Alberto Pacini (Italy) who reminded us about the need of intercession
– The KisiKids who gave a creative support to the conference
– And many others!

The main talks were given by Sr. Mary Duggan (“Called to be Holy”), Bsp. Sosthene Bayemi, Cameroon (“Return to the upper room”), Fr. Ernst Sievers (“Filled with the Holy Spirit”) and ICCRS president Michelle Moran (“With Mary in the upper room”; “Charisms”).

Besides the talks the program included also inspirational worship-times and Eucharistic celebrations (African style!), Ministry-times, a “round table” on practical evangelization as well as a time of testimonies on various ways of evangelization given by young leaders from all over the world.

Regional 15.000 participants
At several times the participants of younger age have been invited to meet separately. This program was coordinated by the ICCRS-youth-commission. We focused on the same topics as the adults in the main program, but out of the perspective of young men and women of God.

On Saturday, 5th of July, all participants got a ride to close by Namubongo, the national shrine of the Ugandan martyrs, were we first got an explanation about the history and the martyrdom and then joined in a regional CCR-gathering with about 15.000 participants.

Spiritual and mature
I personally have been very blessed by attending this international CCR-family-gathering! The talks, Masses and ministry-times have been deep and inspirational. The atmosphere was spiritual and mature. I was blessed by the hospitality, enthusiasm, zeal and joy of our African friends. We who have been present have been blessed so much by them!

One of the European participants said to me on the last day: “This was my first international CCR-event. From this time on I will never miss any of them!” I do understand and know why!

Christof Hemberger,
chairman of the European subcommittee of ICCRS